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火锅, 是家的味道. 凤王府是正宗成都的味道. 没有什么事情是一顿"火锅"解决不了的.



Welcome to FWF Official Page, the most authentic Cheng Du Hotpot. There is nothing a hotpot meal cannot solve.


Our FWF Signature
Soup Base

Soup base is the soul of hot pot. Our chefs meticulously prepare it daily by using high quality ingredients. High quality ingredients are selected to present you with the most authentic Cheng Du hot pot flavor.


Whether the beauty collagen bone soup or the spicy Cheng Du Mala Soup, the quality is paramount, ensuring that enjoy hotpot at FWF Hotpot is filled with happiness and satisfaction.


Our Story Begins In The East

Hotpot originated during the Guangxu period. The King’s chef, Feng returned to his hometown and saw the prosperous hotpot scene in Chengdu market. He tasted it and discovered that the taste was flavoursome. With that in mind, Feng used his cooking techniques he had acquired throughout his tenure in the palace to innovate and improve what he tasted in the local market.

Decades later, Feng’s disciple and his descendants decided to open a hotpot restaurant, the restaurant was named Feng Wang Fu.


Our FWF Cheng Du 
Cuisine Food Item

We firmly select fresh and high-quality ingredients to present delicious and healthy dishes to our valued customers.

One of our high popular Cheng Du signature snack, Brown Sugar Glutinuor Rice Cakes, with each bite being sweet and flavorful, leaving a lasting impression. Our must-try items for hot pot include fresh beef tripe and handmade shrimp paste with 97% shrimp meat, all freshly prepared by our chefs daily.

Our FWF Own House Specialty Sauces

How could hot pot be complete without dipping sauce?

At here, you can mix and match your own dipping sauce by select up to 24 flavors. Each of our own house specialty sauce is crafted using fresh and high quality ingredients.


If you're unsure about how to matching dipping sauce, welcome to ask our friendly staff and they will very happy to assist you.

Martin Teo, Lifestyle Asia

"FWF mala is addictive. The subtle numbing spiciness that builds up into a fiery feeling in the mouth is something many wouldn’t mind having despite what happens the following day on the throne. But if you have friends who share the same sort of masochism, then perhaps having Sichuan-style mala hotpot is a good place to have dinner."

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